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Consistently minimize losses, and maximize gains

Develop the discipline of successful traders

Enter your trades into Tradeary to document what you were thinking when you entered the trade. By logging your trades, you can learn the discipline to create a plan for your trades and further remove emotions from your transactions.

Trade logs to help you develop discipline

Let data drive your trading

Don't go by what you think is working best, execute based on what's actually happening. Tradeary provides analytics to show you what's working and what's not. Learn what actions and thoughts lead to your best gains, as well as your worst losses.

Analytics to show how you can improve your trading

Adjust for maximum gains

Enhancing your trading requires tweaking until you're at your best. List and track areas of improvement until you've mastered them. Once you're able to routinely repeat the things that lead to your biggest gains, and avoid the actions that cause losses, you'll be well on your way to becoming the trader you want to be.

Improve your stock, cryptocurrency and forex trading


Plan Your Trade

Record your trades with your plan - when you plan to exit and the possible outcomes of the trade (including how you'll react to each).

Upload Chart Images

Upload images of what you saw in the charts to make you enter and exit the trade. View them later to learn.

Track Areas of Improvement

Increase the good things you do, and decrease the bad ones by creating areas of improvement.

Discover Strengths and Weaknesses

We provide reporting that shows you what's causing you to gain and lose money. Use them to create areas of improvement.

Review Your Performance

View metrics on your trading performance in a single view with the Tradeary Dashboard. Tradeary saves you time.

Journal to Grow

Log your learnings with the journal feature. We make it easy to document your thoughts so you remember to implement them.

Do you like making money? So do we. We'll even share trade improvement ideas with you.

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